Clarks Summit University honor society members inducted

SUBMITTED PHOTO Some of the students inducted into CSU’s Alpha Gamma Epsilon honor society were present to receive their awards in chapel earlier this month.

S. ABINGTON TWP. — The Greek letters Alpha, Gamma and Epsilon represent love, knowledge and self-discipline – three traits that are central to Clarks Summit University's (CSU) mission of Christ-centered career-readiness. The Alpha Gamma Epsilon honor society recognizes students that display these attributes, both in their personal lives and in their academic pursuits.

In order to be considered for induction into the Alpha Gamma Epsilon society, students must have completed at least 57 credit hours at CSU while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher. They must also be approved by faculty members as students of strong Christian character who reflect the standards and values of the school.

A new group of 35 students was inducted into the Alpha Gamma Epsilon honor society in chapel on Thursday, Feb. 6. Thirty-five students also received a 4.0 award, which is traditionally celebrated with the gift of a mug.

Dr. Bill Higley, vice president for academics, explained, "we want to honor our students who strive to excel academically and get the most out of their college education."

Both online and on-campus undergraduate students are eligible to be inducted into the honor society.

Spring 2020 Alpha Gamma Epsilon inductees:

■ Robert (Noah) Bailey

■ Keila Bascur

■ Eric Bixby

■ Carly Burgess

■ Heidi Butterbaugh

■ Conell Christiansen

■ Helen Crush

■ Abigail Degnan

■ Michael Faulkner

■ Clara Gensiak

■ Joseph Gonzalez

■ Dennis (DJ) Gray

■ Christopher Hempstead

■ Trice High

■ Noah Hoover

■ Trevor Hubbard

■ Amy Johnston

■ Jadon Kessler

■ Gillian Koch

■ Kylie Lenfestey

■ Eszter Lisztes

■ Mary Lowery

■ April Mercier

■ Elizabeth Muhlenkamp

■ Alyssa Patterson

■ Daniel Pigsley

■ Hunter Randall

■ Rachel Scott

■ Braden Seboe

■ Hope Showers

■ Laurynn Spackman

■ Taylor Stuck

■ Miranda Traxler

■ Nathaniel Wiens

■ Binglin Zhao


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