A musical mayor


  CLARKS GREEN — Ken McGraw, who has been a resident of Clarks Green for 29 years, was elected as the borough’s mayor on Nov. 5 2019 to serve a two-year term.

“I wanted to be mayor to have the opportunity to sample community opinion, ask for suggestions and leverage the talents and energy of our local residents and friends to make Clarks Green more attractive, more efficient and more cohesive,” McGraw said.

The new mayor plans to focus on three areas of improvement for the borough:

1. Proactive storm water management.

“Storm water runoff affects our friends and neighbors, and there has to be an intergovernmental effort to better address the impacts of storms,” McGraw said.

2. Adaptive use of the now-blighted service station at the intersection of Grove Street and Abington Road and to have active communication with owners of vacant real estate to keep those parcels maintained and attractive.

3. Collaborative marketing with other Abington municipalities to highlight the positive aspects of our schools, neighborhoods and community assets to reinforce our property values and lifestyles.

McGraw has met with business owners and representatives, and he plans to meet with local churches to talk about how to improve Clarks Green.

Many people know McGraw through his music. He and his Brass and Ivory Orchestra have performed at social events from New York to the Washington D.C. area including the Abington Area Joint Recreation Boards’s annual Lakeside Wednesday Concerts at Hillside Park (for which he is also a volunteer coordinator) and the Italian Festival in Scranton over Labor Day weekend.

The band has been together for 39 years.

“My piano lessons started when I was 5 years old and continued into my 20s,” McGraw said. “My musical career started after I graduated from college.”

He is a graduate of Wilkes University with a degree in Music Education. He has worked as the director of cultural affairs of Lackawanna County for nine years, taught for 25 years in the Scranton School District as an orchestra director and is an adjunct professor of musical theater at

Wilkes University.

He has also been the president of the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association District 9 for two years and a member of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick for the past 28 years.

His hobbies include golf and woodworking.

He has been married to Linda McGraw for 34 years, and together they have three daughters, Brittany, Alexandra and Kendall.

Contact the mayor

To speak with Clarks Green Mayor Ken McGraw, call the borough building at 570-586-4446 or fill out the contact form at bit.ly/332sRda.

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