In just under a week, Christmas will arrive in the Abingtons, along with gifts aplenty for good little boys and girls, as well as something special for the adults.

One LaPlume-based business is looking to ease the last-minute shopping strain on families by offering a special night designed for children to pick out a present for their loved ones ... and give their parents a chance to have fun and mingle with friends before the holidays.

Jackson and Jill Consignments, 2053 Rtes. 6 and 11, has offered its “Kids’ Holiday Shopping Night” for the past three years. This year’s event will take place on Friday, Dec. 20, beginning at 4 p.m. Wendy Nordmark, who owns the store along with her husband, Alan, and son, Jackson, explained that the night is really a way to celebrate the season by shopping


“When you support a small business, it keeps money in the community,” she said. “When you support a small business, it helps put a child through school, it helps buy them shoes, it helps keep a family in their home or to pay their electric bill. It’s not something that goes for a huge corporation to get a couple pennies in their pockets, which they don’t really need in the first place. It helps keep families and local businesses going. Shopping local can only do good.”

Part of the evening’s festivities include a visit from Santa Claus, refreshments, basket raffles and a variety of items priced at $5 or less. Volunteers from throughout the area participate dressed as Santa’s elves to help guide children to the perfect present.

“The kids who come here really have that sense of pride of ‘I shopped, I did it myself’,” Nordmark said. “They have Santa’s Secret Shop at school but it tends to be the same thing every year, where kids can go in and buy little trinkets. They were getting a little frustrated. We thought that this store was the perfect medium for kids to come in and shop.”

Nordmark also stresses that, although the event is billed as “Kids’ Holiday Shopping Night,” parents are also welcome to come in and shop.

“We have found in our community that there are people struggling,” she explained. “Some parents can’t afford to buy a $5 or $10 toy for each of their, say, six children; but they can come here and get a toy for $5 or less and their child can have something to open for Christmas. Every child needs a Christmas, so it is very important to us here that people know that this event isn’t just for children to shop. We welcome anyone to come in and shop.”

For more information on “Kids’ Holiday Shopping Night,” visit Jackson and Jill’s Facebook page at or call 570-945-6006.